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Elevate your art.

Make your space even more stylish with the new Canvas II and a virtually endless digital library of art.

Imagine your best photos, at their best.

Display all your favorite shots at once, in one frame. Upload is easy and each photo looks bold, rich, and full of life.

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A gallery in any space.

Old art, new art, and everything in between; Meural brings 30,000+ works to your wall. Meural Members make the most of their Canvas.

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A wall of inspiration.

Make a statement, in a whole new way, by bringing the world of art to your wall and displaying what's distinctly you. Curate your wall by style, season, time of day, or even your mood.

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The Canvas II

Now available in two sizes and four colors with a sleek, modern frame design.

Starting at $399

The Canvas

Classic premium design meets state-of-the-art technology.

Starting at $595

These aren’t the outdated digital picture frames you used to know, they’re an entirely new screen technology that you would mistake for flat art if you walked by quickly


Standing in front of the Meural smart digital frame left me in awe...The access and visuals that the Meural affords are mind-blowing.

— The Daily Beast

It’s your chance to become a digital patron of the arts.

– Elle Decor